Future leaders

The ARMA Future Leader Program identifies motivated ARMA members of outstanding promise, who are relatively early in their careers and bring ideas for the continual development of ARMA. Since 2012, ARMA Future Leaders have been involved with all aspects of operations to ensure that ARMA has an enduring foundation as it evolves to be representative and useful to its members. Future Leaders have fully engaged in supporting ARMA’s annual symposia by participating in the organizing committee, developing and chairing sessions, reviewing papers, making awards for papers and posters, and developing a career center.

Future Leader Handbook 2022 (PDF)

Class of 2019

Shengli Chen

Louisiana State University

Jennifer Day

Queens University, Canada

Sevda Dehkhoda

University of Queensland, Australia

Luke Frash

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Tryana Garza-Cruz

Itasca Consulting Group

Mahdi Haddad

The University of Texas at Austin

Farrukh Hamza


Jian Huang

Total E&P USA

Evangelia Ieronymaki

Manhattan College

Seunghee Kim

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Tianshou Ma

Southwest Petroleum University, China

Anahita Modiriasari

Purdue University

Mojtaba Pordel Shahri

Weatherford International

Hamid Roshan

University of New South Wales, Australia

Haiyan Zhu

Southwest Petroleum University, China
Class of 2020

Anita Ai

California Institute of Technology

Miguel Fuenzalida

Itasca Consulting Group

Ehsan Ghazvinian

Itasca Consulting Group

Carlos (Lei) He

Southeast University, China

Mengsu Hu

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Sheng Mao

China University of Petroleum at Beijing

Fatemeh Rassouli

Stanford University

Shahrzad Roshankhah

California Institute of Technology

Junlong Shang

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Class of 2021

Navid Bahrani

Dalhousie University, Canada

Wenzhuo Cao

Imperial College, London, UK

Wei Fu

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Neel Gupta


Xiaodong Hu

China University of Petroleum

Biao Li

Concordia University, Canada

Bing Li

California Institute of Technology

Xiaorong Li

China University of Petroleum

Brandon Schwartz

Pennsylvania State University

Haitao Yu

Tongji University, China

Yida Zhang

University of Colorado

Qi Zhao

Hong Kong Polytechnic University