Technical Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing (TCHF)

The goals of ARMA’s Technical Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing are to advance technical development, investigate and model the physical processes, and promote environmentally responsible practices in hydraulic fracturing. TCHF members organize and lead technical sessions at annual symposiums; organize workshops on the physics of fracture initiation, propagation, and closure; develop white papers on hydraulic fracturing; and collaborate with other professional societies.


Biographies of TCHF members (PDF)

John McLennan, Co-Chair

University of Utah

Joe Morris, Co-Chair

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Marisela Sanchez-Nagel, Co-Chair

OilField Geomechanics

Kirk Bartko

Saudi Aramco

Andrew Bunger

University of Pittsburgh

Doug Blankenship

Sandia National Lab

David Cramer


Branko Damjanac


Maurice Dusseault

University of Waterloo

Herbert H Einstein


Derek Elsworth

Pennsylvania State University

Ahmad Ghassemi

Oklahoma University

Sid Green

Enhanced Production, Inc.

Gang Han

Aramco Services Company

Abdelwahab Noufal


Mukul Sharma

University of Texas at Austin

Mike Smith

Premier Oilfield Group

Mark Zoback

Stanford University

Past events

2020 ARMA/DGS/SEG International Geomechanics Symposium

2019 ARMA-CURB Geothermal International Conference

2019 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

2018 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

2017 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Worlshop

2016 ARMA Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop

Archived materials and presentations are available on the HFC website.